phil_nick_youngOUR STORY

As brothers we had a lifelong goal of opening up a business together. By high school that idea had narrowed down at which point we knew we wanted to make some kind of value added agricultural product. As we got older we were exposed to the craft beverage culture and instantly knew it was something we wanted to be a part of. After Phillip spent the better part of a decade working on a large scale sustainable bee farm we finally knew exactly what direction we were going to head. We started Nectar Creek to pursue our life long goal of opening up a business together, to continue the tradition of the region we grew up in and push boundaries with the love we had developed for mead.

In the fall of 2012 we produced and sold our first batches of Mead in our hometown of Corvallis, Oregon. The relationships that were developed during the time on the bee farm remain very important for us today. 100% of the honey we use is raw and sourced directly from sustainable beekeepers. phil_nick_todaySince opening we have constantly been working to produce more mead to meet demand which has given us the opportunity to grow and hire an amazing team of employees. Our goal is to push boundaries, grow a new category and teach people that mead is a beautiful, diverse and truly amazing beverage.

Mead is its own category of alcohol and is defined by the fermentation of honey. We focus on making Session Meads, which are meads that are less than 10% ABV and carbonated. Our meads are light, clean, refreshing and made from ingredients with integrity. In the spring of 2015 our dedication to quality and attention to detail led us to receiving gold, silver and bronze medals in the dry session mead category, sweeping an entire category at the world’s largest mead competition, The Mazer Cup International. With a constant focus on product quality, education and the development of a great culture we hope to continue to drive the category forward.

Here’s to your next glass of mead and those you share it with!


Phillip and Nick Lorenz